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Sunken Sundays is a new monthly series of events held in the Sunken Harbor Club and the private dining rooms of Gage & Tollner. Guests are invited to a presentation by an engaging speaker on a topic relevant to the Club — ie. cocktails, food and cooking, history, art and design, exploration, and more. These enlightened gatherings reminded us that the Sunken Harbor Club motto, Imus ad Infima, or “We go to the bottommost depths,” can also be interpreted as “We go the furthest in our pursuit of knowledge.”

SHC members of centuries past traveled the globe in search of good things to eat and drink, and brought recipes home to share with their club brothers and sisters; Sunken Sundays will be presented for the education and enjoyment of our members, with a love for the ways that knowledge is shared in a community. We will endeavor to employ only speakers whom Charles H. Baker, Jr. would describe as “really interesting people.”