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History of the

Sunken Harbor Club

The modern history of the Sunken Harbor Club begins in 2019, when we discovered the leather-bound volumes of the Club’s journal of record—the Compendium Bibendium—in the abandoned ruins of the club’s New York City chapter. The Compendium is filled with notes written in a secret code that, once deciphered, revealed colorful scenes from the Club’s history: glimpses of forgotten worlds, tales of wild adventure, and recipes for some of the most delicious drinks ever created.

If the mysterious authors of the Compendium are to be believed, the Sunken Harbor Club has existed for hundreds of years, and its members hail from every corner of the earth. Their thirst for knowledge of secret, mixological arts was unquenchable, as reflected in their motto: shape , decrypted to Imus ad Infima—we go the deepest, or we go to the bottommost depths.

Today, we are dedicated to keeping the traditions of the Sunken Harbor Club alive. At our local chapters in Brooklyn and Bermuda, we present the drinks discovered and recorded by the club’s membership over the centuries, always in the club’s undying spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and conviviality.

Our Team